TGA Bumper Plate Bundles

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“There are no more weights”

Well, luckily here at the Gym Advisors we not only have weights, but we have some pretty impressive bumper plates. These plates come in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg and their rubberized coating means less noise and less damage than other materials. 

Combine them together in these bundles to save yourself time and money!


The plates come in pairs when bough in these bundles. eg. 5kg & 20kg = 2 * 5kg plates and 2 * 20kg plates

Product Information

  • Fits 50mm diameter barbell
  • Width: 5kg - 35cm, 10kg - 45cm, 15kg - 60cm, 20kg - 80cm, 25kg - cm
  • Rubber plates


When purchased as part of a larger order, this product is included in the 0% interest Rent-to-buy plan that is available for members of Email for details.